Sunday, December 18, 2011

Caritas in Veritate

(Or, "My Need For an Editor: not the encyclical.")

So, to lay the ground work here, I really admire Niko's zeal for defending the Faith. I think that his love for Christ, and his willingness to speak about Him ought to be commended. I also want to encourage Niko in his formaiton.

There was something he posted recently which said a few things which were not quite in line with Church teaching, it reminded me of how much I need to go through and read what I've written before I post it.

The first thing was this:
It quotes the Catholic Encyclopedia written in 1913 well before Vatican II.  Thus, it describes the old Catholic faith, not the current one.
I don't think that Niko meant this to sound as though there was a "pre-Vatican II" Faith and a "post-CVatican II" one.
But just incase people thought that's what was being said, let me make this very, very clear:
If there were an 'old Faith, an old Belief (which I'm distinguishing from 'belief,' for now), and old Church, nbte new one would be illigitamate, and, frankly, wrong.

But there was no break in the Church, in Her Belief, in the Faith about the middle of the 20th Century. In fact, there has not been one ever.

What I believe Niko meant to express was the development in theological thought that has happened since 1913.

The other thing which Niko said in the same post, which I don't think he meant to say, was
Also, Abraham if he existed would date back to around 1,800 BC...
Abraham, father of Issac and grandfather of Jacob (who became Israel) was alive on earth. To deny that would be to deny the promises of Our Lord God to him and, thus, to the people Israel and, eventually, to us.

The point of this post: I tend to write things (like this post, for example) and not edit them before I send them out to the interwebs (again, like this post.)


Thomas Clarke said...

I think where you went wrong right here was where you assume that the current Church isn't illegitimate and wrong.

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Oh? Do explain.

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