Friday, March 16, 2012

Make Me So Aware (Our Union)

My heart, oh Lord, it aches.

But it is a dull ache.

I feel but do not feel.

I yearn to yearn, but do not.

Christ Jesus, you were forsaken

yet not alone. Desolate

but not abandoned. Struck down

but not destroyed.

Consume me, as I consume You...

As I approach You,very You run to meet me.

Make me into Yourself.

As bread becomes part of me,

it becomes Wholly You. This Bread

Come down from Heaven

Enters me, that I mat enter

Him. You.

Jesus, may I be so enthralled

by the mystery of your Body and Blood

by the Passion of Your Sacred Heart

that I will always be


and feel

in my poor heart

the effects of Your Redemption

the affects of York Redemption.

Our union.

Make me a log in the furnace of Your love.

Consume me.

Make me one with You.

Make me burn with the fire of Your love.

Make me the fire of Your love.

Make me.

Remake me.

Create a new heart for me.

Jesus, make my heart like Yours. Make my heart Yours.

The Mass is ended. It Missal Est.

Let me be so aware of our union, Jesus,

that I am, that I become, that I


You, Your love, Your Heart

to the world.



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