Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to become a Saint. (Desire it!)

Lord, please, please, give me the desire to become a Saint.
Please let me want to desire to be a Saint.

Jesus, who commands me to be holy,
Set me apart for you.
Make me desire to give you all that I have
all that I am
all that I think
and feel
and love.

Be my only love, oh Sweet Jesus!

You, who are my merciful Saviour, it is You that I beg:
Allow me to dwell forever in Your Most Amiable Heart.
Keep me there, close to you, for all eternity.

Sanctify me; live in me so that I can live in You;
Wash me and fill me with your love.
Protect me from Your enemy and mine.

Jesus, hear my prayer! Listen to me, Lord!
Now, oh my Jesus, and forever, my Beloved.

You are my Beloved and I am yours:
be my vision, my stronghold, my strength, my physician.

I love you. Make me love you more.
I want to be a Saint: make me desire You more.
Lord I believe: help my unbelief.

And I pray the prayer of the Dying Thief.


Aharon (Athol) said...

God sees you where you desire to be. Holiness and sanctification is the way to go.

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