Monday, December 31, 2012

Here Where I Stand at the Turning of the Years

Or, the year in review.

  • Moved out of my old house
  • House-sat for mum
  • Volunteer Bunbury Diocese's Summer Camp
  • Moved into my new house
  •  Turned 20
  • Went to Canberra for Pa's 80th Birthday
  • Didn't go to the Pro-life Conference in Albury
  • Went to Sydney with the expectation of making a retreat
    • Farewelled Linda
    • Spent 3 nights in King's Cross
    • Caught up with Jess
    •  Met Jinny; stayed two nights at her house
    • Went to a Vigil led by Msgr Reilly
  • Didn't make the retreat
    • Flew home  
  • Actually spent some time at my new house
  • Restarted teaching for the year 
  • 40 Days for Life Started
  • Went to Emily's Math's class
  • Flew back to Sydney
  • Stayed with Paul, Theresa and Magda
  • Stayed with Team Girls (incl Mary-Anne) and helped them move house
  • Made 9 Day Silent Retreat in Pymble
  •  Stayed with Paul, Theresa and Magda
  • Flew Home
  • Sand-Sculpture Competition
  • Started spending time at CYM
  •  Dr Who party
  • Starting to help organise the Teen's retreat at CYM
  • CYM Teen's Retreat: Rise Up
  • Starting to help organise Steve Angrisano in Perth
  •  Basically living at CYM
  • Started back at UNDA
    • Luke and Acts
    • Letters of Paul
    • Sacraments of Initiation
  • Steve Angrisano in Perth
  • Spending more time at CYM than at Uni, home and work combined
  • Con's Wedding
  • That week
  • Aaron's birthday
  • Helping to organise the CYM Young Adult's Reteat
  • CYM Young Adult's Retreat
  • Year of Faith starts
  • Catholic Conversations 
  • Holy Hours and Masses on Mondays at UNDA
  • Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
  • Mum's Birthday
  • Spending so much time at SBG
    • No longer 'living' at CYM
  • 'Girls' Retreat' at Mum's
  • Finish teaching for the year
  • Mum & Az come home
    • Police come that night to tell us that dad died
  • Organising dad's funeral
    • ALL the people at EtG
  • Dad's Funeral
  • Spending ALL the time at SBG
  • Christmas
  • Even more time at SBG
  • New Years Eve tonight


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