Monday, December 30, 2013

Further Unsatisfactory Interactions

So, that guy who was friends with my friend but failed at boundaries? Yeah... no. He has lost all of my sympathy.
After the text messages, well before, but re-enforced thereafter, my friend:
And a swear-y, alliterated version of "Go away forever."

She got sick and had to go to hospital. She was granted night-leave over which I was her "guardian" orwhathaveyou and, just before she was due to go back to hospital, that guy rocked up.

She's all

And apparently, his reaction of the swear-y, alliterated version of "Go away forever," was

Anyway, so he knocks on the door while she, her next of kin (henceforth nok) and I were there and I, being closest to the door, go to answer it and I'm like

and get up, drag him away from the front door (with little effort: he's pretty willing to come with me at this point) and the yell out to my friend and her nok who it is. They call the cops.

Now, this guy, he's kinda like:

And he's all
and says he'll just leave, then. To which I'm like

and take his keys off him because he's in no fit state to drive.

Nekminit, he's all:
But the sparkle in his eye isn't the Light Side of the Force
So I'm like

and hand the keys off to the nok

Anyway, some vague attempts to get back to the guys car are made on his part. I eventually leave the nok to block the guy's path and I go and check on how my friend is.
I come back outside and it looks like the nok and that guy had a confrontation a'la LotR and the nok's just been like

'cause the nok's shirt's all ripped and stuff
So I pull the guy the nok and for a bit it's like this

then he's all

My reaction to which, had I not been holding his hair, waiting for him to calm down, would have been

Anyway, so I came away with a bruised arm and some muscle damage, the nok came away with a torn shirt and some bruises, we got my friend to hospital and then discharged, and that guy had a series of reactions which I'll detail later.
I took my friend to the hospital in her car and, after the cops arrived, the nok met us there.

My thoughts on future interactions with that guy?


Faina Vasyukova said...

I love your humour in the face of extreme douchery. Plz to be writing that follow up - curious minds and all that. You were so brave and compassionate I can't even stand it *mad hugs*

p.s. Still no objection to the VRO. Counting down the 21 days and waiting to see if he's deluded enough to try and fight it. Fun story: About a week after this, I had another interaction with a different couple of police and no kidding, one of them recognised the name and description Captain Crazypants up there. Apparently he was the antagonist in another police attended incident about 2 weeks before that, completely unrelated to me. And the cop with me happened to be the cop who attended.

"Gone off the deep end" seems to be a serious understatement. Last .gif is most sensible .gif.

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