Sunday, December 20, 2009

Heroes Are Over With

Look at these people; amazing how sheep'll show up for the slaughter.

So you want to know why I think heroes are over with?

Society is slipping. It's horrible.
There is no longer a standard morality. In fact, "morality" seems to have taken on a negative meaning. One upon a time, being moral was socially acceptable; it was, socially, expected.
Now? I fear morality is not a choice. I hear people speaking of adultery as if it is a perfectly natural thing. I know twelve-year-olds who drink to excess at least once a month.

I know of several people who have little or no regard for the well-being of other people - that scares me. I don't understand how anyone could have such a complete disregard for everyone around them. This attitude has, worryingly, extended beyond nonchalance in order to fit the status quo. People seem to actively choose to put themselves before others, even when putting the other first does no immediate, intermediate or long-term damage to them.


Thomas Clarke said...

According to many, morality is dictated by social expectation, so morality can not, by that definition, be disintegrated by social change. What say you, wise blogger?

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