Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Theory of Relativity

Is there such thing as relative morality?

If there is, then truth is also relative.

One reader suggests that "
According to many, morality is dictated by social expectation..." I say that according to a very similar group of people, truth is also dictated in this matter.

If this is how truth is dictated and society says that a glass of poison will not kill me, it wont.
This raises a side question. "
What is society?"
Is society the small group of people I am currently around? Is it the people in the town I am from? The state or province I reside in?
Perhaps "social expectation" is dictated by the local laws.
For argument's sake, let us assume that local laws govern what society, in whatever form it takes, expects. Let us also assume that I reside in a place where it is illegal for me to die after drinking a glass of poison.

Will I die if I drink it?


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