Saturday, July 30, 2011

Right Now:

Outside my window
the wind blows the palm fronds that are just visible from in front of my neighbours apartment.
I am thinking
about how to save the world; or, at least, the culture.
I am hearing
traffic noise and said wind
I am thankful for
the graces I recieve, even though I am totally unworthy of them.
I am learning
about the Culture of Death, the Culture of Life, and, slowly, about myself.
I am creating
nothing, since 'create' is to make something out of nothing.
I am going
to get motivated to write lots about my recent trip.
I am reading
Light of the World, an interview with Pope Benedict XVI (2010)
I am hoping
to act on what I've been thinking about (see above)
Around the house
is pretty spotless; so is my room; we had an inspection this week.
One of my favourite things is
rain drops on roses; no, seriously.


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