Sunday, May 29, 2011

That your joy may be complete...

I was doing some preparation for today's Mass when I stumbled upone this quote from St Fancis de Sales:
The one has great need and capacity to receive, the other great abundance and inclination to bestow. Nothing is more suited to indigence than affluence; and the kinder affluence is, the stronger its inclination to give. The more needy indigence is, the more eager it is to be satiated. The meeting then, of affluence and indigence is sweet and happy; and we could scarcely say which should enjoy the more contentment, abundance to be communicated, or deficiency to be filled, had not our Lord told us that it is a more blessed thing to give than to receive.
— St. Francis de Sales

Just imagine the joy that fills your heart when you recieve Our Lord after having prepared well for doing so. This joy is nothing compared to the great joy that we will recieve upon entering His presence; this joy, again, is small compared to the joy He has in giving Himself to you, to us; to me.

As my Parish Priest constantly reiterates: "If He could give you more than Himself, He would; but He can't becuase He's infinite and you can't get more than infintie."


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