Friday, November 12, 2010

How do we live in the light?

Daylight is dark, compared to the light that is promised us in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

The Gospel writer, John, tells us that the Word is a light shining in the darkness that cannot be overcome b the darkness.

I live in darkness. My soul constantly struggles to get out of the depths of the darkness that the world covers it with. Oh happy news! The struggle is lessened because, through Baptism, I died with Christ and - this is the saying that we can rely on - if I have died with him, I will rise with him.

I am given an impregnable light to shroud my soul. Impregnable in the sense that the darkness cannot over come it. And, yet, the light that is within me, when I allow it to shine forth, draws others.

Do not be mistaken, Friend, that the Lord has clothed me in his light and that he protects me does not save me from suffering. In fact, in this Sunday’s gospel, I am promised more suffering, even from the hands of my friends and family! Jesus speaks to those admiring the Temple at warns them that not a single stone of it will be left upon another. In this apocalyptic passage, Christ reveals to us the fallibility of the world. There is nothing sure and steadfast here.
Buildings are fleeting;
Social institutions are fleeting;
Nature and the Earth are fleeting;
This world and all that is in it will pass away
And all that will be left is the Word.
The One by, for and through whom the universe was made.

Only God is from everlasting to everlasting.
Although we have an immortal soul, each soul had a beginning; has a beginning.

And, just as we are ensouled and have a beginning, our mortal bodies will have their end.

But for His people, death is not the end; it is merely a change.

How do we live in the light of this promise?
By not clinging to the world. By struggling against the flow of society. By lifting up our heads and boldly proclaiming, “All I do, I do through Christ; I am with Christ; I am in Christ; and through him, with him and in him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, I give my life for the Glory of God the Father. Ad Majoriam De Gloriam.”
By making this proclamation without words, since all will know that we are his disciples when we show love to one another,. When we show love to our friends and family, we do what society does, but when we show love to those who do not do the same back, then we show forth the Light of the World.


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