Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome home!

I find it interesting that when one door opens, another one closes; I am intrigued that when I think I’ve found my place in one section of my life, another is thrown into question.

I am currently happy in my faith. I don’t feel rocked by any of the uncertainties that I had earlier this year. I feel at peace and I feel like a member of the Church.
I’ve finally made a step away from something that I knew I wasn’t meant to be doing in the first place. I am happy in that, even though I think it has caused people I love pain that they do not need or deserve; I am not happy in that.
I feel at home in the Church. I know that I have some true friends there; I am thankful for that.

Yet, as all this certainty is appearing, so much seems to be disappearing. Relationships that I thought were homely are no longer seeming to be so. Is it because those relationships seemed to be threatened by the flourishing of others? Perhaps. To my mind, it seems the most likely.

Why should it be under threat, or perceive itself to be? Surely the only reason is because it is not healthy.

Below is the music video of Fr Rob Galea's song "Deeper". It speeks to where I am in my faith at the moment.

I’m grateful but not satisfied…
If knocking because I want to drown in Your heart;
So take me deeper, deeper in love with You.


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