Monday, November 1, 2010

Stating the Obvious

This weekend was amazing!

A Hasty (Study) Retreat was such a blessing!
It was so good to get away for the weekend, to reflect on thankfulness and to have a chance o ge in touch with the Holy Spirit.

3 times in one weekend, I was given the grace to have my prayers almost immediately answered.
 It is absolutely amazing and awesome.

That word is so badly over-used, so is the word awful.
I'm sorry, but your burger cannot be awesome, nor can it be awful. For, 'awful' means to be full of awe and this requires, in the least, sentience.
And it cannot be awesome. Or, it should no be awesome if you have proper revernece of the living God.
God alone is awesome. His works are awesome only in so far that they are his.

My King, the King, is Awesome.

Do you know him?


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