Saturday, November 20, 2010


I have so much that I'd like to write about and not enough time now to fully for a blog for each topic.
Below are some blog-title ideas that I may use later.

Also, today was SUPER full on, but still really cool and good and awesome (AWEsome, that is.)
Started today with helping out at the Salvo's Freedom Bike Ride where they were raising awareness about poverty and raising money to fight against it. Tim Costello (the founder of World Vision) spoke about Freedom and redemption in an interesting talk at the same venue. We (Caz & I, with Nat) found lunch, hung at Nat's then drove to WAAPA to see the AMAZING MelB play [Nat just dropped us there].

Caz & I then scabbed a lift to Wellard with Lauren & her sister.

I have to be up & functioning in 11 hours. I feel like I could sleep for 111 hours.

Those title ideas:
Freed and Redeemed.
Justice and Spirituality

I like the two StarWars related mini-comics in this picture

Also, I'm moving soon. Closer to the city. Please pray for me.


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