Friday, March 15, 2013

They Crucified Him: Stations of the Cross

This series is not my own work, but all taken from Rev Robert Nash, S.J.'s reflections on the Stations of the Cross: They Crucified Him. I will post one Station a day in these final days before (and concluding on) Good Friday. Here is his Introduction.
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They Crucified Him

The three words on our title page are Saint Luke’s terse summary of the events of Our Lord’s Sacred Passion.

Who “they” were, and what “crucifying” implied, and what manner of Man they outraged in crucifying “Him,” — these ideas are capable of wide expansion, they have formed the subject-matter of innumerable meditations, and they are most aptly illustrated in the fourteen scenes known familiarly to us as “the stations.” Catholics, thank God, nourish their love of Our Lord and deepen their hatred of sin, by frequently “making” those stations, so it may prove helpful in these pages to set forth thoughts which are easily suggested to the mind, and affections which readily arise in the heart, as one follows Christ and Mary through these events taking place on the way to Calvary.


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Stations of the cross give so much spiritual comfort.

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