Monday, June 6, 2011

Foundation Day, Part II

I'm in the middle of filling in a "reseach poll" from NineNews/The Sunday Times/Galaxy Research and have come across some stupid questions so far but none that have been  blog worth.
Until just now:

34. How would you like to see WA's population change?

35. Do you support the establishment of a detention facility at Northam for asylum seekers?

36. On race and multi-culturalism, do you think West Australians are generally:

37. Do you support or oppose the wearing of burqas (hijabs) that cover the face in public?

  1. "Wearing of burqas (hijabs)" in question 37 proves my answer to number 36, except that - ideally - my answer there would read "Western Australians in general are woefully ignorant of races, cultures and systems of belief as demonstrated by the question below."
  2. I support the wearing of traditional cultural and/or relgious dress because I support religious freedom.
  3. I don't much mind what happens with Perth's poulation. I guess I'd like it to grow BUT there seems to be an hint in question 34 that "naturally" is opposed to "by immigration" even though our population has always increased by immigration and through births in this country. I assumed that that was natural. Apparently it's not.
  4. I'm not sure what to think about our immigration policies. I would much prefer a detention centre in Northam to "the Pacific Solution" but other than that, I'm not well informed enough to have an opinion.


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