Monday, June 6, 2011

Prayer Requests - 7th Week of Easter

[UPDATE Friday, June 10th]

  • As always, for Notre Dame's fidelity to the Magesterium
  • And for Rod and Eileen
  • For mum and my brother, Aaron
  • Those preparing for exams, both highschool, tafe and Uni.
  • Heretics and schismatics
  • The unborn
  • The people of Nepal and the softening of the hearts of their legislators
  • The conversion of all sinners, especially myself
  • Juliet
  • Fr Paul Raj
  • Mervin
  • The Cummings Family
  • The Sweeny Family
  • For Giovena's intentions
  • In thanksgiving for graces recieved
  • For Catherine, Matthew & Robin
  • Ambrose who in in Melbourne
  • For Abmrose who is not in Melbourne and for his faily
  • For Linda, her family and her intentions
  • The conversion of Yazh
  • The success of the Emmanuel Pentecost Mission
  • For Gen, Julianne and Joanna
  • For Bron, Lize, Mon and Mark
  • For Aaron (another one)
  • That I recieve the grace to trust Him
  • For the readers of this blog and all their intentions

  • Sr Janice (RIP)
  • Sr Announciata, OP who suffers from sevre depression.


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