Monday, June 6, 2011

Foundation Day

Australians are an apathetic bunch, it seems. Or maybe it's just the Sandgroppers. I don't know.

Maybe we're not apathetic but have become so reliant on television to promote our sense of nationalism and stateism that I've missed it.

But I've not seen a single banner, headline or even poster taking about WA's Foundation Day.
Except for those ones outside major shopping centres proclaiming that they're "OPEN ALL FOUNDATION DAY LONG WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!eleven!!!!" which is nice.

To be honest, I think the only time I ever learnt about Foundation Day at school was in year 2. We had a class party where we dressed up in "olden-days" clothes.

And then there's the painting of Lady Stirling about to chop down the first ever tree to be chopped doen in the Swan River Colony.
Power to the Women!
Besides having just gone to find out more about Foundation Day, all I knew about this painting was that it showed that our State was founded on the principles of equal rights for women (and men, I guess) and that's why WA was one of the first states to grant suffrage to women. Thank you, Girl Guide leaders.

Anyway, YAY for Foundation Day and YAY for Women Power and all that jazz.

Happy Foundation Day!


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