Friday, June 3, 2011

Salvation Inside the Chruch

I finished my pervious post  on this topic with a reminder that rejecting the Church is a bad idea. The Church is our only sure guide when it comes to Faith and Morals.
Down the bottom of that page, I have a quote from Edith Stien onnearness to God; this is what we attain when we are saved; this is the beatific vision.

Below is a video on what is means to be saved. It is a really good Catholic response to the highly Protestant question "Are you saved?"
Do watch it.
Kind thanks to Steve Silvia for the permission to use this video.

"I have been justified, God and I are working out my sanctification and I hope to be saved." - Fr Sean Fernandez

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The next installment will be on seeking truth and coming to the Truth.


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