Friday, June 3, 2011

To Do List

  • Get an art degree. Ask people if they would like fries with that.
  • Major in philosophy. Ask people WHY they would like fries with that. 
  • Marry a guy named Jessie. Have a girl named Stacy. Become Stacy's mom and Jessie's girl.  
  • Buy a parrot. Teach the parrot to say, "Help! I've been turned into a parrot." 
  • Change iPod name to "Titanic." Download new songs. Be amused by the fact that the Titanic is syncing.  
  • Put sign on door that reads "Dumble." 
  •  Boycott shampoo. Demand real poo.
  • Break personal record for days without dying.  
  • Find out what color a chameleon is while it's on a mirror. 
    • Buy Connor a mirror.*
  • Make elaborate Hogwarts rejection letters. Put in mailboxes of the neighbours who have kids.
  • Play hide and seek in Ikea. 
  • Write essay.
  • Live forever or die trying. 
  • Get a dog. Name it Curiosity. 
  • Find a sleeping mosquito. Make a buzzing noise to wake it.
  • Find out what that mysterious ticking noise is.  
  • Place an empty guitar rack in a public space with a sign that reads, "Free air guitars!"
  •  Invent time machine that only moves forward at normal pace. 
  • Find a deaf person. Have them take a video camera to a forest and cut down a tree.  
  • Complain about how everything sucks. Do nothing about it. 
  • Attach a sign to a manhole that reads, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle tryouts. Inquire within.
  • Close browser window. Get a life.

  Most items on this list are from Grouchy Rabbit. They own the copyright. If they want, I'll take this down. Until then... Some of these are actually do-able...

*The real lyrics to that BoyGeorge Song


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